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The Application

Each business will have its own application for you to complete, but the applications probably are similar.

Hint: Take the job application home and complete it. Or use our sample job application. Once it’s completed, make a photocopy of it. Use that copy as a source of information each time you need to complete another application. This will save you from having to think about all the dates and addresses. Of course, some companies might ask for additional information, but much of the basic information will remain the same.

Safety tip: Don’t include your Social Security Number on your sample, in case you lose the sample document. Instead, just memorize your Social Security Number.

References: Most employers will ask for references…both business and personal. This is so they can talk to people about you, your work habits, and some of your personal traits (such as honesty). Yes, it’s legal and it’s fair. After all, if you were going to hire someone, wouldn’t you want to know if they:

  • Can be trusted?
  • Will show up on time?
  • Will work hard?
  • Won’t steal?

You get the picture. Remember, keep a copy of your references for future use.

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